Healthy Home Service

Healthy Home Service

Structure & Site offers a unique service that can transform your living environment by cleansing the air you breathe. Moving into a new house or simply living with the same internal air can have a negative impact on your health. Structure & Site offers the Healthy Home Service which helps neutralize air borne contaminants such as mold, dander, pollen and viruses such as the Corona virus.

The Healthy Home Service includes the following:

Air Scrubbing of the entire house. We use a highly atomized process that fogs the interior of the house with a hospital grade, EPA approved agent that radically reduces air borne contaminants. The fogging agent is applied throughout the house and neutralizes contaminants in the air and on hard surfaces. The agent is completely inert within 3 hours and does not damage or stain interior materials or belongings.

Indoor Air Quality Testing – Post Air Scrubbing we will conduct a whole house air quality test to ensure that no elevated contaminants such as mold spores, dander, pollen or heavy dust particulate are present. 75 liters of air will be taken from various areas of the house and sent to an independent laboratory for analysis. The lab report and an interpretive analysis will be emailed to you.

Carbon Monoxide inspection – All gas-fired devices such as furnaces and hot water tanks will be inspected for elevated levels of CO. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, deadly gas that negatively affects millions of peoples health annually.

Methane Gas Leak inspection – The drain pipes, floor drains and bathrooms will be sniffed for methane gas leakage. Methane gas, more commonly referred to as “sewer gas” is a toxic gas that can cause severe illness.

Natural Gas leak inspection – We will test your gas main, internal gas piping and gas pipe connections that serve your gas-fired devices and appliances for any trace of natural gas leaks. If found, we will tag the leak source for repair.

Smoke Detection Units – we will test your smoke detectors for proper operation using a photoelectric spray that will accurately test the detection functionality.

Radon Gas – We will place two radon gas detection units within the house for a minimum of 48 hours in order to accurately gauge the radon gas levels in the house. Radon gas is a by-product of decaying uranium. Radon gas deteriorates lung tissue when ingested. It is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer. Every building has a radon level. The Environmental Protection Agency designates a radon level of 4.0 picocuries as an unsafe level and recommends remediation if at or above that level.

Cost = $795 for houses up to 3,000 square feet