Mold service

Mold service

Mold is nature’s scavenger. It breaks down and consumes natural materials such as leaves, fallen timber, dead grasses, etc. Mold is very beneficial to us – outside. Indoors it can cause problems.

Although the health affects of colonizing mold is an evolving science, the bottom line is that interior mold growth can and will cause allergic reactions to many individuals. Not all molds are the same – in fact there are thousands of mold strains, each of which can have a unique affect (or no affect) on a given individual.

There are some varieties of mold that contain toxic compounds called mycotoxins. Toxins are produced by the fungal body and are not at significant levels in the released spores. The primary hazard of mold growth, as it relates to indoor air quality, comes from the allergenic properties of the spore cell wall. More serious than most allergenic properties is the ability of mold to trigger episodes in persons that already have asthma, or other serious respiratory issues.

Mold is always associated with moisture. Moisture problems causing mold growth can be direct such as a water leaks and/or indirect such as condensation due to humidity levels. Keeping humidity levels below 50% within the house or building is essential.

Mold Inspections & Testing

A detailed review of the properties interior and exterior will be conducted to determine potential sources of moisture infiltration and the possibility of physical mold growth.

Sophisticated devices such as moisture meters and humidity monitors will be utilized to ascertain areas where mold growth is possible. The mold inspection is typically the first step in developing a mold profile of a property. In many instances, physical mold is not visible, therefore indoor air quality testing is necessary to determine the scope of contamination. A variety of mold testing procedures are utilized to discover what types of mold strains exist in a contaminated property.

A Physical Mold Test is taken when there is visible mold growth within the property. This test will identify the dominant mold strain growing in a particular area. Based on the strain, remediation actions can be dictated.

An Indoor Air Quality Test is a more extensive series of sampling. The air samples will give a more complete understanding of mold growth within a building. Air testing consists of the collection of 75 liters of air taken from various internal areas within a property and one exterior sample. The exterior sample serves as the control test which gives a profile of the mold strains existing in the natural environment that the building resides.

After all samples have been processed by a certified laboratory, the interior samples are compared to the exterior sample. If there are unique mold strains or like strains at higher spore levels in the interior samples, colonizing mold is possible within the building. Typically 6 to 8 different strains of mold will be identified per sample, and their corresponding spore counts will be known. These two data sets will provide an accurate identification where mold growth is occurring in a property and to what degree the growth is occurring.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation – the removal process of mold growth – is the last step in dealing with contaminated materials within a property. Typically, a removal and replacement of contaminated materials is what constitutes a remediation project. Special care has to be taken to ensure non-contaminated areas of a property are not cross-contaminated during the removal process..

Structure & Site is a Certified Mold Investigation, Testing & Abatement Company

Each remediation project is highly unique, typically escalates in scope and can be costly. We approach remediation projects very carefully. The safety of the inhabitants of the property is our greatest concern.

Our personnel are certified to conduct remediation and produce remediation plans. If your property requires mold remediation, we will consult with you to provide the best options for your situation. There are mold remediation companies that thrive on the fear factor to initiate unnecessary procedures which drive costs sky high. If you have already received a remediation plan and would like a 2nd opinion, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

There’s good reason why school districts, relocation companies, banks, construction firms and countless property owners have trusted us to conduct safe, reliable and thorough remediation projects. We do it right and keep your wallet in mind.